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Widely used in the pipe laying, machinery installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, port facilities and other construction engineering construction, apply to pick brazing or other appropriate attachments, such as chisels, shovel to broken concrete, brick, asphalt pavement, chisel, mining, slotting, cutting and chisels have different modelling category, used for different purposes: flat chisel:Dao is flat, and the chisel body is lumbar triangle, is mainly used to open four square hole or four square around the holes: oblique cut: knife Angle of 45 degrees Angle, knife and chisel body is an inverted right triangle, it is mainly used for maintenance, it is mainly used for carving and engraving a few a spot as yet untouched by a fixed: round chisel: knives are semicircle, it is mainly used for round hole or ellipse hole: diamond cut:The knife is V-shaped, rare and used mainly for carving and maintenance:
Material: 40Cr composite steel

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Chisels have different styling categories for different uses:

Flat chisel: the knife is flat, the knife and the chisel body is an inverted waist triangle, mainly used to open four square holes or some four square hole repair;

Oblique chisel: the knife is 45 degrees angle, the knife and chisel body is an inverted right triangle, mainly used for repair, mostly used for carving and carving some dead-end repair;

Round chisel: the knife is semi-circular, mainly used to open round holes or elliptical holes;

Diamond chisel: the knife is V-shaped, is rare, mainly used in carving and repair;

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Product Advantages

1. High quality steel, high temperature quenching, the overall steel impact force toughness is high, the overall stamping molding, durable

2. Various shapes: flat chisel, bevel chisel, round chisel, diamond chisel, U-chisel

3. Wide range of use: concrete, masonry structure, asphalt pavement, etc


1. It is forbidden to be used in reinforcement

2. Check the integrity of the chisel before use, and clamp it tightly when mounting the drill hammer

3. At the beginning of the operation, avoid violent impact

4. Please wear professional protective glasses, protective gloves, masks and other protective tools to protect the staff during operation

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