China’s import and export sector is still facing more uncertainties in 2021

[Global Times global network reporter Ni Hao] in the first two months of 2021, China’s import and export ushered in a good start, and the data of sharp year-on-year increase far exceeded market expectations. The scale of import and export not only far exceeds that of the same period last year, but also increases by about 20% compared with the same period in 2018 and 2019 before the outbreak. China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia peak, which was analyzed in the afternoon of April 8th, believes that since last year, China has been carrying out a series of ultra conventional policies on foreign trade, facing the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It has played an important role in reducing costs, preventing risks, placing orders and expanding the market for domestic and foreign trade enterprises. Gao Feng said that with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and industries, China’s foreign trade started well in the first quarter, which is the result of the decisive role played by the market in resource allocation and the better role played by the government.

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce conducted a questionnaire survey on more than 20000 domestic foreign trade enterprises. According to the results, the orders in hand of enterprises have improved compared with last year. About half of the enterprises think that tax reduction, export tax rebate, trade facilitation and other policy measures have a strong sense of acquisition.

At the same time, enterprises also reflect that there are still many unstable and uncertain factors in the development of foreign trade this year, and there are risks such as the uncertainty of epidemic situation, the instability of international industrial chain supply chain and the complexity of international environment. The micro entities of enterprises are also facing some difficulties and challenges. For example, the shipping price hovers at a high level, the lack of transport capacity and other factors affect the enterprises to receive orders; the price of raw materials rises, leading to the increase of production costs; the labor difficulty in some areas is still more prominent. In response, Gao Feng stressed, “we will pay close attention to the development of relevant situations, maintain the continuity, stability and sustainability of policies, and improve relevant trade policies.”


Post time: Apr-12-2021