Triangular Drill

Short Description:

  • Product specifications: 3mm-12mm
  • Product parameters: The working depth is approximately
  • Scope of use: ceramic tile, concrete, vitrified brick, pig iron, wood, glass, plastic, brick.
  • Material: The blade part is made of alloy steel.
  • Major markets: Southeast Asia, Europe, USA
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Triangular drilling is a common tool for hole-picking. There are many suitable materials. Use high-grade alloys as a head with a knife. Can be used for angle iron, stainless steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, glass brick, ceramics, mud, gram plate, walls, plastic, wood and other materials hole-picking operations, the use of high-grade alloy quality is good. Can be used on flash drills and bench drills

    Product Advantages

    1. High quality hard alloy tip, head reinforcement, can reduce pressure, prevent bit cracking, diamond ground tip can prolong the service life.

    2. Ideal for common applications such as glass cutting, bathroom and shower installation, drilling and fastening mirrors, setting relief holes such as concrete screws in ceramic tiles

    3. Provide smooth and accurate glass, tile and ceramic drill bits

    4. Three flat handles provide great grip

    5. Enhance maximum bit life of the head

    6. Double U-shaped chip discharging trough, the whole body of the product is fine thrown and rust proof.Drilling is more convenient for rust prevention


    See your specific needs follow your requirements packaging.Can also customize their own trademark brand.White inner packing box.

    Factory direct sales, price concessions.Welcome to purchase.

    Instructions for Use

    1. Please do not use lithium electric drill less than 24V.

    2. For materials with high hardness, please add water to use

    3. Please do not hit the steel bar in the process of use, as it will cause a crack

    4. When taking the hole, please leave enough space for chip removal. If the chip removal space is not enough, the product will break

    5. Cannot drill hardened metal.

    6. It must be fixed well when drilling. Swing of the product on the machine may cause the product to break

    Granite/Hard Stone Need to use impact function 1000-full speed
    Marble Can be shocked or not shocked,Moderate force during function drilling 1000-full speed
    Ordinary Tiles Moderate force without impact function 1000-full speed
    Super Hard Tiles It is recommended to use ARTU tile drill 300- 500 speed
    Glass Need to add liquid cooling 300- 700 speed
    Hardwood Hand drill or Bench Drill Can Be Used 800-1500 speed
    Cork Hand drill or Bench Drill Can Be Used 1500 full speed
    Plastic Hand drill or Bench Drill Can Be Used 1000-1500 speed
    Dedicated Magic Stone For Resharpening the Cutter Head 800-full speed


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