Tungsten alloy Hinges bit

Short Description:

  • Product specifications: 14mm-100mm
  • Product parameters: The working depth is approximately
  • Scope of use: wood, wood plywood, plastic, compression board, computer table board, PVC board, hinge hinge installation, etc
  • Material: The blade part is made of YG8 alloy steel.
  • Major markets: Southeast Asia, Europe, USA
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Suitable for all kinds of soft and hard wood, multi-layer splints, composite plates and other materials to take holes

    Product Advantages

    1. YG8 alloy steel is used for the tool head with longer service life and sharper blade.

    2. The blade arc design has little resistance to improve work efficiency and smooth chip removal, with better work experience.

    3. The connecting rod is thick to prevent the product from breaking due to improper use during use

    4. Professional research and design of blade, efficient hole extraction.

    5. The design of YG8 alloy edge knife on both sides can reduce the burr when taking holes in the wood

    6. The thickened YG8 alloy blade can make the product have a better service life


    See your specific needs follow your requirements packaging.Can also customize their own trademark brand.White inner packing box.

    Factory direct sales, price concessions.Welcome to purchase.

    Instructions for Use

    1. It is mainly used for electric hand drill and bench drill. Please do not use impact drill mode

    2. Lithium battery hand drill, please use the high-power model of 48V or above

    3. The size of the machine chuck should be above 10mm

    4. Can't take holes on the metal, stone

    Please pay attention to whether there are nails in the wood when you work

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