Tungsten alloy TCT hole saw

Short Description:

  • Product specifications: 14mm-100mm
  • Product parameters: The working depth is about 5mm, Universal 10 mm triangular shank connector
  • Material: the base part is made of hair blanks made of high quality hot punching technology, the edge part is made of high quality Yg8 (raw material), the overall material of the center drill is 4341h.s.s material.
  • Scope of use: steel plate, aluminum alloy, 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, cast iron and a series of materials.
  • Major markets: Southeast Asia, Europe, USA
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Suitable for processing calcium silicate plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, steel plate, plastic plate, resin plate, FRP half, iron plate and other materials of the opening work.

    High hardness,Wear-resistant, cutting-resistant, accurate positioning, high efficiency

    Product Advantages

    1. Using the same material as the high-grade alloy hole opener, the price is the same as the mid-range price.

    2. Hair embryos made by hot punching process will not be deformed due to overheat during continuous operation.

    3. YG8(raw material) has high hardness and good opening speed when taking holes.

    4. Professional design of the shape of the grinding blade can make the product have better sharpness.


    See your specific needs follow your requirements packaging.You can also customize your own trademark stickers.White inner packing box.

    Factory direct sales, price concessions.Welcome to purchase.


    1. This type of hole opener has a center point drill, which needs to be installed and tightened manually.

    2. When opening the hole, the central drill will cut first, and the blade will work only after it is in place, and the central drill will play the role of positioning.

    3. Please choose lower speed.

    4. In order to prevent the cutting edge from breaking, please do not let the cutting edge of the opening hole and the cutting material instantly impact violently.

    5. Need to add water or coolant to cool down, otherwise there is a risk of burning the drill.

    6. The operation needs to be marked with protective glasses to protect the eyes.Wear a protective mask when working face up.

    7. Hole SAW is in a hot state after work, so care should be taken to avoid burning the skin when replacing it.

    product size  product  length Working depth bottom size cutter number
    16mm 85mm 5mm 12mm 4
    17mm 85mm 5mm 13mm 4
    18mm 85mm 5mm 14mm 4
    19mm 85mm 5mm 15mm 5
    20mm 85mm 5mm 16mm 5
    22mm 85mm 5mm 18mm 6
    25mm 85mm 5mm 21mm 6
    30mm 85mm 5mm 24mm 6
    32mm 85mm 5mm 25mm 8
    35mm 85mm 5mm 26mm 8
    38mm 85mm 5mm 27mm 8
    40mm 85mm 5mm 28mm 8
    45mm 85mm 5mm 30mm 8
    50mm 85mm 5mm 31mm 10
    55mm 85mm 5mm 32mm 10
    60mm 85mm 5mm 33mm 12

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