vacuum brazing M14 Marble opener hole saw

Short Description:

  • Product specifications: 5mm-70mm
  • Product parameters: The working depth is about 30mm, Special M14 Angle grinder connector, more convenient in use
  • Material: the matrix part is made of high quality steel, and the edge part is made of high quality large grain diamond
  • Scope of use: marble, ceramic tile, granite, wall and a series of stone hard objects.
  • Major markets: Southeast Asia, Europe, USA
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Marble, ceramic bricks, walls and other stone opening core, opening speed, rounded aperture without collapse, long service life

    Product Advantages

    1. Longer product life than electroplating products.

    2. It has better sharpness than sintering process products.

    3. Cooling paraffin wax is added to specifications 6-16.

    4. Dimensions above 18 have side coring holes.


    See your specific needs follow your requirements packaging.You can also customize your own trademark stickers.White inner packing box.

    A box of ten.B: Ten boxes to a carton.100 per case

    Factory direct sales, price concessions.Welcome to purchase.


    1. Do not take holes on the tempered glass

    2. After the hole saw is installed, it should be debugged on the electric drill to observe whether there is spring, and then work normally

    3. Take out the hole smoothly, please do not apply lateral pressure and curve operation.

    4. Please pay attention to the cooling and lubrication of the product during work to avoid the loss and life of the product reduced by high temperature

    5. Please stop working when the chip removal is not ideal, and continue to use after cleaning

    product size  product  length Working depth bottom whorl cooling of paraffin
    5MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    6MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    8MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    10MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    12MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    14MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    16MM 60MM 30MM M14 yes
    18MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    20MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    22MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    25MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    27MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    28MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    30MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    32MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    33MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    35MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    40MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    45MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    50MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    55MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    60MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    65MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    68MM 60MM 35MM M14 no
    70MM 60MM 35MM M14 no

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